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China May Pass U.S. in Blockchain Golden Age

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The U.S. and China have been engaged in a bitter rivalry.

It feels more and more like a struggle for the ultimate control of the world.

Consequently, this growing tension has now spilled over into the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin universe as well. The RISE technological conference held in Hong Kong only highlighted these growing strategic rivalries this summer.

The annual event typically brings in more than 15,000 participants, 700 journalists, and 350 professional speakers. The speakers this year included Microsoft’s president, Amazon’s CTO, LINE’s CEO, Mercedes-Benz CEO, and also Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

Furthermore, it was at this event that the geopolitical rivalries surrounding China and the U.S. emerged in the cryptocurrency sphere.

One of the attendees Mr. Chen addressed the issues.  He declared that in blockchain technology, “China has a great opportunity to overtake the U.S.”

The company that Chen leads is Xunlei. This is one of the leading tech giants in China and all of Asia. The company has demonstrated personally how it plans to overtake the United States in the rapidly expanding field of blockchain.

They recently unveiled their ThunderChain. This program allows for over a million transactions per second. As the Chinese are quick to point out, this puts them well ahead of the rest of the blockchain universe.

They have also pioneered with several other key applications. Commercially successful ones include One Thing Cloud and Stellar Cloud. With OneThing, they gain control over any users’ untapped computer resources to organize them into an enormous super-computing conglomerate. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

Xunlei Is A Dangerous Challenger to American and British Dominance in Blockchain and Fintech

Xunlei epitomizes the rising Chinese power in the crypto-verse. They have provided enormous shared computing power resources, organic distribution platforms, and also various other benefits to blockchain applications. Additionally, Xunlei has managed in only 15 years of international leadership to advance China’s blockchain innovation a stunning 20 years.

Chen boasts that the Chinese people will start to realize the benefits of this technology in 2018 or 2019. Furthermore, he sees it leading to a Chinese blockchain Golden Age from there. In turn, the West had better watch its back.



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