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North Korea: An International Cryptocurrency Conference Host?

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It’s no secret that blockchain technology is infusing nations across the globe. One that people do not expect to be open to the fintech is North Korea.

It turns out that “Little Rocket Man” does approve of BTC and the cryptocurrency universe in his isolated enclave. On October 1st, the outlaw regime will host its very first international blockchain and digital assets conference.

The reclusive country will host industry leaders from across the globe for this first one of its kind digital assets’ conference. Pyongyang is calling it the Korean International Blockchain Conference. Industry leaders and experts will converge on the capital of North Korea— Pyongyang for the first time in history.

Surprisingly, the North will show off its own achievements in the blockchain technology field. They are also seeking to attract foreign investors for the upcoming new projects. Those attending also get the rare opportunity to sit down with business officials from North Korea as the event happens.

Stunned North Korea Taking Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Seriously

This open to all get together in Pyongyang has surprised practically everyone. It is unusual given their likely participation in recent major digital assets’ exchange hacking. It was only August 24th that exchange CryptoSlate from South Korea announced “Lazarus” from the North Korea had struck.

They launched a cryptocurrency trading platform that was infected by malware. This app was compatible with MacOS systems. Whenever a user opened up the application, the malware auto downloaded onto the servers of the unsuspecting users. The good news is that the assaulted exchanges did not suffer any theft of customer digital assets. The bad news from Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs is that the the Fallchill Trojan virus did infect the servers.

The Real Question Is: Will the South Koreans Attend the Conference in Pyongyang?

It is no secret that the South Koreans have a long and tense history with the North. In light of the most recent assault on their cryptocurrency exchanges, it is hard to imagine the South Koreans attending. The Pyongyang-based conference claiming to stand for both Koreas may be missing the most important part of the peninsula.Oct. 1st.



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