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Why the NANO Coin is up 90% in a Week

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Nano (NANO) has been one of the hottest coins on the market.

In fact, since August 19, the coin has rallied from just below $1.50 to $2.54.  And it’s not showing any clear signs of slowing down.

Part of the reason for that is the Internet of Things (IoT)

As many of you are aware, IoT will revolutionize how we interact with machines.

That would explain why we’re seeing a good deal of interest in IoT cryptocurrencies, like IOTA (MIOTA).  But MIOTA isn’t the only hotshot of the IoT block.  NANO may be about to make big waves in IoT with its NANO initiated charger prototype.

To start the charger, the user scans the QR code, makes a micropayment, and that’s it.

Granted, it may just be a prototype at the moment

But it opens an endless stream of opportunity in the IoT ecosystem.

According to Crypto Recorder, “the same concept can be used for making payments at smart car charging stations, as well as in unlocking value from all kinds of devices such as televisions, and other home appliances. If Nano coin gains a foothold in this market, then it could be staring at adoption by key industries including the auto industry, which is slowly warming up to the reality that the future is in autonomous smart vehicles.”

At the moment, NANO is a severely undervalued coin.

Given its exposure to IoT and the the multi-billion gaming market, where there’s a need for micro-transactions, that’s quickly changing. Up another 30% today, some analysts believe it has the potential to be a $100 coin long-term.

Better yet, NANO has instant and feeless transactions, suitable for micropayments. The network can also process 75 transactions per second for 30 minutes.


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