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Cryptocurrency Exchange under Attack

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There is a disturbing new plot troubling the cryptocurrency universe.

Researchers have stumbled across an unsettling discovery. Hackers who go by the name of the “Lazarus” Group have breached the defenses of several digital assets exchanges.

It was only the third quarter 2018 that saw researchers uncover the fact that hackers had impersonated famous cryptocurrency figures. They had broken through into chats, projects, and more in both Discord and Slack. They infiltrated through downloaded links. The hackers cleverly slid these into conversations via chat.

These Lazarus Group hackers are more sinister than the average ordinary group of computer villains. They are located in North Korea. In the past they gained notoriety for attempting to steal cryptocurrency exchange funds from South Korea. They hit well- known Korean digital assets exchanges YouBit, Coinlilnk, and Bithumb with this vicious and destructive malware.

Beware the AppleJeus

Only today one of the planet’s finest anti-virus and anti-malware makers revealed that the hackers had struck. This Russian cyber security company stated that Lazarus had infiltrated an anonymous digital assets exchange. The malware in this particular case impacts both Windows operating systems as well as MacOS.

It happened quite innocently. One employee at the cryptocurrency exchange got hold of a fake app. He downloaded this malware tainted garbage through an SSL certified website that had been convincingly faked. They call this particular nasty bug AppleJeus.

Kaspersky Comes Riding to the Rescue

The Russian famous cyber security company Kaspersky gets the glory for uncovering the threat. These hackers spent huge amounts of time to create this malware that would work on not only Windows operating systems. It would also infect such rival computer system platforms as MacOS. Even a Linux version of the malware is in development per Kaspersky.

This represents a dangerous new threat to the cryptocurrency universe. Never before have cyber security analysts witnessed such malware against MacOS from this North Korean hacker group. The CEO of Kaspersky opined that they stand to make a fortune.

The genius in the hack lay in the hackers developing a real software product released by a software company. It lets them sidestep security protocols in order to reap enormous profits from the operation.


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