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TRON Acquires BitTorrent, Adding 16 Members

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The TRON (TRX) network has done it again.

Justin Sun and his Tron Foundation flexed their muscles in buying out the legendary Bittorent platform. Though the transaction closed in June, the deal has only finally taken meaningful effect. Bittorent did not come cheaply either. It paid $120 million cash for the pioneering decentralization firm.

BitTorrent settled for a bit of irony to announce their capitulation to TRON on Twitter. They said that they had originated the largest decentralized p2p protocol in the world. Now they have combined their powers to create tomorrow’s decentralized Internet. It was a “down with the gatekeepers” moment in the digital universe.

The BitTorent team ran in the Super Representative elections that theTRON foundation holds and won a representative slot.

Changes Are Coming to BitTorrent

BitTorrent has initially brought on another 16 employees. Meanwhile, five of the former employees tendered their resignation following the takeover. Coinbase revealed that three left for idealistic reasons over a different vision for the firm than TRON held. The other two lost their jobs.

Justin Sun is a man on a relentless mission. His goal is to completely remake the Internet as it is today. Sun sees an entirely decentralized world wide web that no central government can stop, shut down, censure, or oppose.

Meanwhile TRON Continues to Advance and Grow Rapidly

TRON is a marvel in the altcoin space. The digital asset cannot fail like other cryptocurrencies of the altcoin apocalypse because it has something they all lack. It has huge adoption and significant major projects continuously ongoing.

TRX and the TRON Foundation seem to roll out a new announcement every week or more frequently anymore. They recently bought out GameStop.They have the SeedIt that is able to exchange TRX via Twitter. TRON also recently gained complete independence from Bitcoin. It no longe requires BTC as the middleman in its exchanges today.

Last week TRON became the subject of a great deal of buzz. BITBOX digital assets exchange announced that it would run an air drop on TRX for a period of days. The excitement over this cryptocurrency has not died down since.



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