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BTC’s Second-Ever Coder “Sirius” Returns with an Interesting New Crypto Project

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Coindesk has revealed quite an exclusive scoop in its latest interesting bit of news. Marti “Sirius” Malmi, the first coder to help mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is backing new cryptocurrency AXE. He has joined forces with a group of developers to launch this new, and also groundbreaking cryptocurrency.

The project combines the Identifi system that Malmi created with the GUN system. Identifi is Malmi’s own online reputation system he personally developed. GUN is the decentralized database system. So, by combining the two, Malmi hopes he will succeed where others have failed in decentralizing the Internet.

Malmi Is a Larger than Life Bitcoin Legend

Malmi is a legend in the world of cryptocurrencies. This should arouse great interest from many followers, fans, and technology-disrupting enthusiasts. His Bitcoin adventure began when he gained the right to help Satoshi program the blockchain technology that underlies BTC still. Malmi gained the trust of Satoshi when no one even knew who Satoshi was. Satoshi’s true identity is still a mystery to the world.

What the world knows is that the only developer working directly alongside the mysterious Bitcoin creator was Malmi. He gained enough of Satoshi’s confidence to obtain admin access to the original Bitcoin website Furthermore, the majority of the second code release changes from Bitcoin came from Malmi.

Several years after BTC started to rise, Malmi took the example of Satoshi and departed from the Bitcoin project. He believed the original cryptocurrency king did not require him any longer. Afterwards, Malmi revealed his personal feelings on the matter to CoinDesk in an exclusive. “I felt like bitcoin had already gone from zero to one, so to say. It was already up and running with a growing community and had lots of great developers working on it.”

Tying his past projects together, Malmi and co-developers have launched the new firm ERA. The cryptocurrency AXE springs from the work of this crypto company.

Malmi Skeptical of the Universal Appeal of Blockchain Technology

Ironically, the force behind this new crypto project is highly skeptical about the universal blockchain utility technology many hype today. Malmi argues, “Blockchain technology is overhyped and pushed for applications where it is not useful. If you don’t need a distributed ledger with no trusted parties, you don’t need a blockchain.”


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