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Dogecoin (DOGE): Investor Tails Wagging Over Idea of Coinbase Listing

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Dogecoin DOGE

Dogecoin (DOGE) was only meant to be a joke when it started.

But it appears no one is laughing anymore.  In fact, the same project made famous for its Shiba Inu mascot/memes may be prepping for a listing on  After running from just $0.002 to a current price of $0.005, it has many investors wagging their tails in anticipation.

Dogecoin Investors Wagging their Tails

A few weeks ago, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase altered its listing policy for digital currencies. It noted it was open to all types of digital assets, including altcoins, tokens, stablecoins, and forks.

“Our goal is to rapidly list all assets that meet our standards and are compliant with local law, while providing our customers with the tools to discover, evaluate, trade, and use digital assets,” noted the Coinbase blog.

That opened the door for Dogecoin, too.  In an interview with crypto news publication Blokt, Dogecoin developer Ross Nicoll says his team plans to be included on Coinbase. The very idea of such a move could take the former joke coin to stellar new valuations.

Dogecoin Amazon Integration

Nicoll also clarified some of the rumors regarding integration with Amazon and UPS, “We’re obviously enthusiastic about any new adoption and would love to talk to UPS and Amazon about how this might work, but so far no-one at either company has reached out to us.”

It’s also working on a project referred to as Dogecoin Ethereum bridge.  This would allow the DOGE coin to move back and forth on the ETH blockchain.  It would also open a wide range of trading options for the cryptocurrency.

Managing $650 Million Worth of Other People’s Money

“We are managing $650mil of other people’s money, we take that fairly seriously. I got involved as the first hard fork was being executed, to resolve issues with the initial parameters of Dogecoin. I’m aware some of the decisions we’ve made since have been unpopular, but we do very carefully analyze decisions we make around changes to the coin,” he said.

In short, what started off as fun and games has grown into a serious venture.



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