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Justin Sun: Tron (TRX) Will Explode in the Next Six Months

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Tron TRX coin explosion

There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to Tron (TRX).

In fact, Justin Sun believes it’ll be in the Top 10 of cryptocurrencies by April 2018.  All as TRX moves to complete its key milestones in the fourth quarter of 2018. One of those includes creating more awareness of the TRON protocol.  Then, they want to focus on entertainment and gaming with hopes of attracting more Dapps developers.

In an interview with Investopedia, he noted, “We’re confident that TRON will surge to the top 10 in the next six months.”

Tron (TRX): Other Reasons to be Excited for the Future

After migrating from the ETH protocol, it succeeded with its Mainnet launch.  Since then, the blockchain protocol has seen a good amount of interest from exchange.

For example, Binance just paired its Binance Coin (BNB) with TRX.

This will now allow traders who prefer using BNB as a base currency to trade with TRX instead of having to cash out to USDT, BTC or ETH.

Bittrex Paired TRX with the USD

Bittrex just announced that TRX is available to trade with the USD.  This marks the first time TRX has been paired with the USD in the U.S.  It’s now one of 10 digital currencies available for direct USD exchange on Bittrex.

It will now list on BitBay, a cryptocurrency exchange with 800,000 users.

Another reason to like TRX, according to Global Coin Report:

“Tron is also a platform that encourages Dapp’s (decentralized applications) developers worldwide. Tron’s team have been striving hard to attract lots of Dapps Developers on Ethereum’s blockchain – and the younger blockchain from two, Tron, seems to be all set to win.”

Keep an eye on Justin Sun and the coin.  It’ll be interesting to see where TRX is in six months.



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