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Greenstorc to be First Partner on Das33, an Innovative Token Asset Offering platform

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Greenstorc to be First Partner on Das33, an Innovative Token Asset Offering platform

An innovative method for approaching community engagement in business and ongoing start-up projects has been unveiled. The platform is called Das33 and one company has already signed up to be part of its launch: Greenstorc, a UK-based green energy corporation that has been breaking new ground in the world of geothermal energy. Greenstorc hopes to raise 1.5 million euros on the platform.

Das33 is a system that allows companies to add their unique input to ongoing projects in the form of tokens. This gives them a new and stronger voice in the wider sphere of the DasCoin community, since tokens can be viewed as a vote of confidence in a particular project. Businesses can help fund projects as well as seek funding on their own. IT governance is in place to ensure that Das33 projects are carried out under the supervision of qualified professionals, so that every project seen by potential participators is consistently of high quality and potential.

The system’s goal is to encourage a more extensive membership input by drawing on the skills and talents of the entrepreneurs in the DasCoin sphere.

Companies Use Tokens within Smart Contracts

The tokens used on the Das33 platform are considered electronic contracts, a failsafe designed to make sure all contracts are fulfilled to satisfaction. DasCoin members trade tokens on the company’s exchange platform. These tokens offer a premium in order to ensure that projects are of the highest quality. The business that is granted funding for a project is required to pay premiums each time the project reaches a performance goal, known as a key performance indicator, or KPI. All of these measures are in place to maintain the integrity and quality of projects on the Das33 platform.

What the CEO is Saying about Das33

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias says the platform is a way to help collaborative projects stay trustworthy and transparent while encouraging increased business engagement. Mathias further adds that the platform’s increased cybersecurity and productivity are good ways to improve interactions and outcomes. The company expects to partner with more businesses which, like Greenstorc, are looking for innovative methods to grow their operations and find new ways to expand into the world of cryptocurrency.

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