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Why are Electroneum (ETN) Prices Up?

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Electroneum ETN

Over the last four days, Electroneum (ETN) prices have gone through the roof.

It just ran from a low of $0.005 to a high of $0.17 after breaking well above its 50-day moving average.  From here, ETN could challenge a previous May 2018 high of $0.363.

This is the first time ETN has broken above its moving average since February 2018.

Why the Electroneum Momentum?

Adoption could be fast and furious for ETN.

That’s true, given its exposure to 130 million global smartphones with its mobile payment application now in a beta-testing stage.

The team’s upcoming KYC (Know Your Customer) feature could also be attractive to global telecom companies, too.  In fact, telecoms could potentially benefit by integrating ETN into their systems.  By doing so, telecom customers could make instant payments by phone.

Patent Pending Technology that could Transform the World

Electroneum has patent-pending technology that could allow for instant crypto payments.

According to Bitcoinist, “Electroneum (ETN) has a hybrid model, based on a centralized app combined with a decentralized blockchain. Because of this, unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is now able to instantly confirm payments.”

“Any vendor that accepts payments in ETN will be able to see instantaneously that their customer has the funds available, and that the funds are being transferred through the blockchain. The transaction will be verified instantly, with Electroneum internally ring-fencing the funds to prevent double spending.  All in all, the transaction will be completed far quicker than any ordinary credit card transaction. This opens up incredible new opportunities for the coin to be used in real life.”



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