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Amazon Plotting to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

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Amazon cryptocurrency

For some time now, cryptocurrency analysts have speculated that Amazon would soon choose a digital asset.

In fact, the idea what that they would adopt one or more for their powerful U.S. and international mass merchant websites. And while it would seem like the informed observers ignored the other distinct possibility, that’s changing.

As a matter of fact, Amazon is now rumored to be plotting to create its own cryptocurrency instead of picking an existing one.

An Unprecedented First Step for the American Cryptocurrency World

Wealth Expert offers a compelling theory that Amazon may be planning to do just that. Such a move would mark the first instance of a significant American corporation creating and floating its own cryptocurrency.

The magazine has convincing evidence to support this hypothesis. For one, Amazon has recently registered a brand new web address. The site is telling— The second one it registered is The third one is At the moment the links are not yet live, meaning that typing them in will get you literally nowhere.

However, this is conclusive evidence that Amazon is up to something big.

The best part — this action would alter the digital assets’ universe permanently, and for good. It would mean serious mass adoption among American merchants had at last arrived.

Amazon Is Not the Only Industry Heavily Using Cryptocurrencies Now

It makes sense that Amazon wants to become a major player in digital assets. The company is in practically every other arena lately. For example, the gambling industry has been quick to embrace cryptocurrencies.

And more individuals than ever utilized the digital assets during 2018, in particular with online casinos like BitStarz. Here the wagering in major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin took off exponentially.

The gambling winnings in cryptocurrencies were also record setting. A BitStarz player scored big on one spin of the Book of Aztec. This netted the player an incredible $206,551 in digital assets. It may not make the lucky customer one of the Bitcoin billionaire “whales.” It does show why Amazon is eager to get into this lucrative market for exchange.



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