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RippleNet Conquers 40 Nations and American PNC Bank

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RippleNet is a service on a mission to conquer the entire world.

In fact, the XRP-powered network is imminent to plant its flag on all inhabited continents. Its reach now includes more than 40 different nations. Meanwhile back in United States, Ripple has gained the support and adoption of PNC and its eight million customers.

RippleNet Gains the Substantially Important Support of PNC and Access to Eight Million Customers

As a matter of fact, this ninth biggest American bank, PNC boasts 2,459 individual branches.

Ripple now counts Bank of America, American Express, and the SBI headed up consortium of Japanese banks in its following. PNC Financial Services is actually the name of the bank holding company that is headquartered in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. With 19 states hosting its retail branches, it boasts more than 8 million customers. These include large corporations, small businesses, and individual consumers. According to its numbers of branches, PNC represents the fifth biggest U.S. bank. By numbers of ATMs with 9,051, it is the fourth biggest.

Ripple has much to deliver. It appears to be doing just that. XRP assured its community that additional partners will join before the year finishes.

XRP Offers Cross Border Payments to PNC and Others

Through RippleNet, customers of AMEX, Bank of America, and now PNC can obtain actual real-time payments across borders. Ripple is extremely proud of this capability it offers major banks and their customers who immediately benefit from the association. They get these international bank payments in real time through RippleNet now, not potentially months or years from now.

RippleNet has evolved into a powerhouse in the international payments transfer arena through its blockchain tech. Its global network means that it is simple to transact across the digital assets company’s powerful network. This now includes over 100 individual banks, financial institutions, and payment providers around the globe. They and their clients gain instant, extremely low cost, and guaranteed international payment transfers.

Among its international network is largest Spanish and Hispanic world financial institution Banco Santander. Others major international and domestic banks will be announced before the end of December, per Ripple.



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