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Three Reasons to Own Ripple Long-Term

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Ripple adoption

At 31 cents, Ripple (XRP) has become a bargain with plenty to get excited about.

Here are the top three reasons to consider the coin today

One: Adoption by YouTube and Twitch

Ripple’s former CTO created a platform called Coil, which is integrated with YouTube and Twitch.  Coil wants to give content creators more ways to monetize their work.  In an effort to help, the Coil platform allows YouTube viewer for example to donate XRP to channels.

Users can also use the Coil platform to donate to Wikipedia.

Two: Ripple has its sights set on Global Domination

Online retail is quite big in China and only getting bigger.

In 2017, its e-commerce market totaled $627 billion.  This year, cross-border e-commerce transactions could reach $1.3 trillion.

To take part in that growth, LianLian International partnered with Ripple Net to receive real-time, cross border payments, invoice payments and e-commerce payments.

Western Union joined the list of companies experimenting with Ripple, as well.

According to Crypto Daily, “A comment made by Western Unions Director of Global Corporate Communications Kristin Kelly, it does suggest that the business is interested in using cryptocurrency for settlements however they didn’t go into explain their reasoning.”

Three: Increased Adoption by Banks

More than 100 financial institutions have adopted Ripple and are in the process of benefiting from its blockchain solutions.

According to Smarteum:

“RippleNet reduces transaction costs, speeds up transactions, and bring together a level of certainty to cross-border payments. Smaller transactions in developing markets such as China, India, and Brazil will benefit more from cross-border settlements platforms that don’t cost much or take several days.”

“Cross-border payments will increase by 3.4 percent or about $466 billion this year – according to the World Bank. Ripple is presently at the vanguard of the industry, and it has partnered with more one hundred payment providers and banks. Ripple is the firm with products such as xCurrent, RippleNet, and xRapid, and some of these products work with the XRP ledger. So as the adoption of these products increase, the adoption of XRP also increases, and this might have a significant effect on its value in the near future.”



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