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Bitcoin Cash Wins Critical Ally in Europe, Canada and Australia

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It is no secret that Bitcoin Cash has been struggling lately.

Despite its success in expanding its network through successful adoption, the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap has issues. These include a community on the verge of fracturing and a declining price and hashrate. Some good news hit BCH like a thunderbolt today. The digital asset has won a major adoption that will increase its presence massively in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Netcoin Adds Bitcoin Cash To Its Vast Network

Netcoin has added Bitcoin Cash to its enormous network this week. The OTC broker is also a virtual ATM machine software firm. They have approved BCH for trading and purchase effective immediately. This means that the Bitcoin Cash community has suddenly gained an additional 21,000 outlets across Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Boasts Six Out of Biggest Seven Cryptocurrencies in Network

This is not only a huge score for Bitcoin Cash.

Netcoin gains something significant too— bragging rights. Netcoin can now claim that it offers fully six out of the leading seven digital assets by market cap. EOS is the only one in the “Big Seven” they do not offer in network.

Netcoin has established itself as a growing player in the business. They arose three years ago in Vancouver in Canada. In 2015, Netcoin started up their virtual ATM machine operation. It allows merchants anywhere in the world to join the Netcoin service. Merchants obtain a platform that permits them to offer their own Bitcoin ATM machine without needing to purchase a machine.

It is possible because of the smart device app. This works on either tablets or smart phones. Merchants provide BTC and the other six altcoins without having to invest in a special device. They do not need any physical location space in their outlets.

Bitcoin Cash Cranking Out Adoption Milestones Despite Problems

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash gains a much needed shot in the arm.

They have access to buyers through the Netcoin Private Brokerage Service. Only a few days ago Bitpay revealed that their merchants may settle in BCH. A week earlier, Pixel Wallet allowed its users to include BCH transactions as attachments to pictures. This revolutionary technology means BCH can be encrypted in a wallet hidden on the picture. The critics may have written off Bitcoin Cash a little too soon.



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