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TRX Wins Big Listing on KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Seemingly every week TRON (TRX) proves why it has exploded into one of the Top 10 cryptocurrency market cap digital assets. Its latest accomplishment and announcement centers on cryptocurrency exchange representation. Justin Sun, the guru-like leader of the TRON Foundation, took to Twitter to share his big news.

As of August 28th, TRX begins trading as a listed digital asset on China’s KuCoin Exchange. The two pairs that will become tradable tomorrow include TRX/BTC and also TRX/ETH. This is big news for the spread of TRON as an adoptable digital asset. The next step will have to be a listing on Coinbase. Several TRON enthusiasts actually already inquired of Sun when this will happen. He is still unsure.

Forbes Interviews Justin Sun about TRON

Sun has also been touting his recent interview with Forbes magazine. In this, he expounded on the nature of his most recent partnership with LINE Global. TRON has nothing less than the goal to become the biggest decentralized environment on earth.

If they keep up their flurry of announcements and adoptions, they could just do it too. It was only weeks ago that Telegram and Twitter enabled TRON transactions over their respective networks. Over 11 million TRX were sent out. In a few days via Seedit, 11.6 TRX changed hands.

On August 30th, the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) will roll out. TRON also has its OperationTRONStorm effort going that dispatches TRX to famous persons like celebrities. This has helped them to build up a serious buzz across the reach of Twitter.

TRON’s TVM Launch is Going to be Huge

The biggest immediate undertaking for the TRON Foundation is the TVM release slated for this Thursday. Sun claims that it will enable their software creators and developers to enjoy fantastic programming experiences. It is a major milestone for many reasons.

On the one hand, the virtual machine will be ground breaking in capabilities. It will also commemorate the last step in getting the cryptocurrency’s new blockchain established on the platform.


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