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How to Make A Fortune with Cryptocurrency Investing

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Frustrated cryptocurrency enthusiasts have struggled with the best way to invest safely and profitably in the digital assets. Now a legendary cryptocurrency investor and developer shared the necessary secrets to make serious money in this space.

The source of information is Charlie Shrem, the one-time VC of Bitcoin Foundation.

The dilemma is that the digital assets markets are highly volatile. Many of the altcoins jumped off a cliff in the past weeks and months. The great majority of them have cratered from 60 to 90 percent from their late December historical highs. It is a real turn off to new investors as well as those who have already been severely burned by the space.

Charlie Shrem has the antidote to the altcoin apocalypse. The first key is to study and understand the top 10 to 20 biggest market cap digital assets out there. Once would-be cryptocurrency investors are comfortable with a selection of these, they need to stake not one, but 10 of them if possible.

BTC is the unquestioned market cap king in the cryptocurrency universe. Their market cap share was recently back to over 50 percent of the entire space. It has become so stable relative to its atlcoin competitors that many institutional investors recognize it as the best “value investment opportunity” in cryptocurrencies.

Selection and Timeframe of Digital Assets’ Investment Is Critical

Rounding out the top ten at the moment are ETH, BTH, XRP, EOS, XLM, ADA, MIOTA, TRX, and VET. Each of these claims many continuing design improvements and developments, projects, and partnerships. It gives them plenty of momentum for forward price movement.

Shrem has other sensible advice for conquering the digital assets’ universe financially. He strongly recommends buying them with a longer term perspective of five years. This is not something to do half-heartedly either. The money has to be locked up, forgotten about, and then revisited five years later.

Shrem claims the probability is high that such investors will be significantly ahead financially in five years’ time. This is in part because the cryptocurrency universe suffers from bear markets in two year intervals.



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