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CopPay Jumping Into Bitcoin’s Cash (BCH) Boat

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In the crypto world, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is securing quite a number of deals, most notably with CopPay.

That’s because BCH is a digital low-cost, secure transaction-based currency.  Average transaction costs on BCH are $0.002 compared with $2.00 when using the Segwit Bitcoin.

With 60 merchants on board, CopPay is a payment processor that also allows them to accept cryptocurrencies.

They serves Latvia and Estonia, Baltic states of Lithuania and is branching out to other states in Europe.  They also added a couple of new merchants in Portugal. Then, they added another cryptocurrency, Bitcoin cash to their portfolio.

CopPay CEO comments

Ina Samovich, CopPay CEO commented, “BCH has quickly established itself in the cryptocurrency world and those low transaction fees and safe 0-confirmation transactions are a natural draw for any merchant. As we expand our business, it’s important we offer both the consumer and the merchant the best options we can and are constantly striving to do just that.”

Embracing Bitcoin Cash is quite a huge step for them in maintaining their current clients.  It may also help to pick up more clients, too.

What CopPay is

This is blockchain platform used for making crypto payments. CopPay’s aim is to build a platform where all human needs can be met with cryptocurrency.

About BCH

Bitcoin Cash as at the time of writing goes for 521.08 USD and 0.08253354 BTC and is the world’s only low-cost, secure transaction, digital-based currency. According to the white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is the only one adhering to rules.


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