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TRON (TRX) Kicks off its Launch of Twitter Payments and Buys

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TRON has had a busy run lately. This week they revealed two more significant developments. These followed their launch of their testnet, and getting their tokens approved for payment processing on popular internet sites. They have also bought out and BitTorrent.

One of the new announcements is that Seedit clients may now use TRON via Twitter. Seedit is the TRX payment platform. They are now fulfilling their promise to enable token holders to utilize the coins for payments on major applications. The latest of these is Twitter.

Thanks to this new ability, Seedit users can simply dispatch TRX and other TRON tokens around the world. It is not only Twitter that they have gained approval to use. Other major social media platforms working with Seedit include Reddit, Telegram, and also Kakao.

Seedit is not an actual digital asset. Instead, it is a TRON Super Representative development known as SesameSeed. They created this to improve the TRX coin applications and boost the reach of the community throughout the Tron-verse.s

These Super Representatives amount to communities within the TRON protocol. They secure, power, and also provide legitimacy to the TRON network. The rewards for this include TRON tokens as well as voting powers. Many times, the SR’s share these among their community members.

It means that the SR system is actually working according to the original intentions. SesameSeed has used TRON to build atop its existing infrastructure so that social media and Twitter payments can happen. It is a strongly positive development.

TRON Acquires

The next major announcement from TRON this week has to do with the acquisition of the This search engine is popular as a data aggregator in the digital currencies and blockchain-universe. Thanks to completing this acquisition, TRON is able to gain legitimacy in this segment.

More than this, it makes it possible for them to study big data that the platform collects. This data covers social media activity, user sentiment, and search volume. It will give TRON the ability to more intelligently go forward with its plans.

The good news for TRON enthusiasts is that their activities remain robust. This is critical considering that the altcoin universe is potentially already mired in the long-feared altcoin apocalypse.


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