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Coinbase Teams Up With WooCommerce To Reach Millions

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Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency bank in the U.S. Last week it revealed that it expanded its commerce payment processing section to incorporate WooCommerce. Merchants can download a Github plugin to participate. This is huge news that many seem to have missed in the crypto-verse. It is likely what a greater number of merchants online want to see to justify accepting digital assets for payment.

The significance of the WooCommerce move cannot be overstated. Over a fourth of all merchants online utilize WooCommerce. This makes it among the most popular payment and transaction platforms anywhere. This week Coinbase revealed it will release the WooCommerce plugin in the Coinbase Commerce suite users download from Github.

Coinbase Commerce is a premier solution that concentrates on bringing a greater number of merchants online to utilize cryptocurrency. All business from WooCommerce will gain access to global customer digital asset payments of their transactions. It means that there will soon be a vaster acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The landmark move also signifies that the path to an open financial system is getting closer by the day.

BTC and LTC Already Accepted on This Platform

Those users who own Bitcoin and Litecoin can pay using the Coinbase Commerce platform already. Right now Ether (ETH) as well as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are undergoing tests on the system. This team is focusing on putting comparable functionality to work for both ETH and BTC.

Coinbase Continues Its Dominating Advance

Coinbase has kept busy this year. They are launching a cryptocurrency index fund, bought out Paradax exchange, grabbed BitLicense, and rolled out institutional financial offerings. Coinbase is even contemplating how they will move the corporate headquarters to Japan from America. It means the United States will likely lose another massive cryptocurrency player. Other countries that are regulation-friendlier to the digital assets of the future are the primary beneficiaries.

Coinbase enjoys several early mover advantages in the digital universe. Its brand identification is both strong and positive. It also boasts a large array of licenses. The company has earned great trust for its reliability and dependability since its inception.


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