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Coinbase Adds Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Cryptocurrency Trading Lineup

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Coinbase is one of the heavy hitters in the digital assets and blockchain universes. The American-based company just revealed through an announcement on its blog that they now support Ethereum Classic (ETC). They will allow for the altcoin on either the website of or the mobile app via smart phones.

This means every time Coinbase rolls out operations in a nation, its customers in all of these countries can participate. They will have the ability to sell, buy, receive, send, and even store their ETC. It means that Ethereum Classic has joined ranks with the impressive masters of the cryptocurrency universe. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) were already accepted by the site.

Interestingly enough, Coinbase had made its decision to add Ethereum Classic onto their Coinbase Pro platform in early July. Because of last year’s chaotic rollout of Bitcoin Cash being a fiasco, it decided to bide its time with ETC. This meant, in practice, that Ethereum Classic only secured the adoption in mid-August.

With ETC, Coinbase Offers Nearly A Half Dozen Cryptocurrency Coins Now

This brings the total roster of digital asset coins at Coinbase up to five now. Yet, it is only a beginning for the blockchain and cryptocurrency asset major player. The company sounded out customers and the general digital assets’ universe for other altcoins to adopt in the near future.

Their executive Romero reminded that the company is going to do something about these requests and soon. Last month, they revealed they were actively exploring a variety of alternative digital currency assets to include on the platform. He promised that the firm hears the voices of the people. Accordingly they will roll out other digital assets to additional customers throughout the globe shortly.

It Is Only the Latest Proof that Mass Adoption Is Coming

The altcoin apocalypse could continue to grind on for some kind. Yet blockchain and even a host of the leading digital asset firms continue to flourish. The ones that have good plans and projects such as these in the pipeline will survive the apocalypse. For the others that bled out nearly all week, there is always another line of work available.


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