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Charlie Shrem says, “its the last time bitcoin will cost under $10,000”

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Charlie Bitcoin

Charlie Shrem, the founder of Bitcoin foundation believes that May 2018 will the last time Bitcoin would be less than $10,000

Charlie Shrem tweeted on 3rd May 2018 claiming that the month of May would be the last time Bitcoin would be less than $10,000. He has returned to the cryptocurrency industry to propagate the benefits of Bitcoin to a larger audience.  

Shrem’s tweet comes at a time when Bitcoin prices went down south after the reaching above $19000 in December 2017.

In the first quarter of 2018 Bitcoin reached under $6500 and gained around 33{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} against the dollar in April and has been bullish since reaching around $9,750 for the first time since March.

Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs an investment bank last December said that Bitcoin is not for him. Later within weeks, he revealed to the New York Times that it has plans to offer Bitcoin futures trading.

CME Group and CBOE move to release futures in December propelled the price of Bitcoin to over $20,000 on some exchanges.

A commenter on social media stated:  When Goldman Sachs clients enter the market history could repeat itself and prices could go to the moon.

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