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Carrefour Blockchain: Retailer Adopts Technology to Track Produce

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Carrefour blockchain

The Times They are a Changin’, sang Bob Dylan.  That’s never been truer, especially with blockchain changing the world.  Europe’s largest retailer, Carrefour just adopted blockchain ledger technology to trace chickens, eggs, and tomatoes as they travel from farms to stores.  It could very well deploy the program across all fresh product lines in coming years.

IBM Food Trust Ledger

IBM’s Food Trust Ledger will allow food retailers, like Carrefour, suppliers and growers to see the supply chain in real-time.  This will create better transparency and a way to trace food origin of food.

Reportedly, global companies will pay up to $212,000 for a year of Food Trust.

Carrefour Secretary General Laurence Vallee says the company will increase its use of the system to 300 by 2022. This will allow it to safeguard the supply chain, and increase consumer confidence along the way.  “The key thing for us as Carrefour is to be able to say when there is a crisis that we have the blockchain technology, so we are able to trace products and tell the story of the products,” he told Reuters.

Food Safety is Essential to Carrefour

You may remember that Walmart for example had an eColi issue with romaine lettuce.

“There is no question that there is a strong public-health and business-case for enhanced food traceability. By quickly tracing leafy greens back to source during an outbreak using recent advances in new and emerging technologies, impacts to human health can be minimized, health officials can conduct rapid and more thorough root cause analysis to inform future prevention efforts, and the implication and associated losses of unaffected products that are inaccurately like to an outbreak can be avoided.”

Blockchain news like this is only getting more exciting by the day.

Before long, we’ll see even more global adoption of the technology.



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