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Will Ripple’s Codius Smart Contract Increase XRP Price?

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Ripple Codius

The crypto market is experiencing a new phenomenon with the introduction of the Codius smart contract platform by Ripple.  This platform is responsible for a significant amount of excitement among crypto fans according to Stefan Thomas former Ripple’s CTO.  The Codius smart contract platform aims to create seamless cooperation between different block chains.

Therefore, the new platform continues to search for new ways of monetizing the web. Using the smart contract techniques and DLT, Codius plans to complete an overhaul of traditional exchange methods.

Codius will Rejuvenate XRP

At the beginning of 2018 when the cryptocurrency market reached its peak, XRP emerged as a popular choice for crypto investment enthusiasts. In addition, a huge influx of investors and a sudden increase in the popularity of the XRP increased the value of the crypto to an all-time high of $3.81.

Nonetheless, the upward trend was short-lived because XRP lost nearly 80% of its value. However, currently with the arrival of the Codius platform the value of XRP will rise exponentially even reaching double digits. The new trend presents a simple and innovative way of using the Codius contract platform to incorporate liquidity into XRP.

SBI Currencies Directional Shift

Cryptocurrency experts believe that the launch of the digital exchange SBI Virtual Currencies presents a new dimension in the cryptocurrency world. The main reason behind this is that the trading platform largely focuses on XRP.

In addition, the outcome originates from a two year partnership between SBI Holdings and Ripple Labs. According to the CEO of SBI Virtual Currencies, XRP might hit the $ 10 mark. Yoshitaka Kitao notes that with the rise in the use of crytptocurrencies the price of the XRP will continue to rise. Similarly, the new Codius platform will facilitate this climb of the Ripple coin.

Adoption of Ripple Products to Begin In The Next Quarter

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse indicated that the future growth of the firm is largely bullish and that the partnerships made with global banking firms will take effect in 2019.  These global partnerships will see the utilization of Ripple products in cross-border payments. This features the most crucial aspect of movement from a regular cryptocurrency exchange to modern transfers such as xRapid.

xRapid is a product from Ripple Labs that uses the XRP token when moving crypto currency accross borders. In conclusion, the XRP price is likely to hit $10 mark, although it will require a high level of cooperation. In fact, the introduction of Codius presents a new avenue for both existing and new users in moving cryptocurrency.


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