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Is Vitalik Buterin Already Separating from Ethereum?

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Vitalik Buterin

Will Ethereum collapse without the help of Vitalik Buterin?

According to Buterin, this definitely will not happen.   However, his departure from Ethereum may already be in progress.

When asked, “Any thoughts on how you will eventually detach yourself from the project” on Twitter, he replied, “Already in progress; Watch the repos, much of the research is being done [by others].”

However, he also says ETH “can absolutely survive without me…”

Vitalik Buterin Involvement with Ethereum (ETH)

Many people see Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin as one and the same. This is why there has been a concern on certain fronts after Buterin recently discussed his intentions to detach himself from the platform.

He publically came out and reassured the public that it certainly can operate smoothly without his constant involvement. The detachment process has started. as indicated when Buterin tweeted:    “I think ethereum can absolutely survive me spontaneously combusting tomorrow at this point.” There is still a strong team behind Ethereum, driving the network forward.

Ongoing changes with Ethereum

This comes at a time when the Ethereum team are working hard to try and launch a major update. Buterin did not provide any details as to when he might return, the team will forge ahead without his involvement.

The network’s Constantinople update will happen soon, but there have been a couple of delays.  In fact, the latest delay came as the network nodes needed a bit extra time to deal with a certain security issue. This naturally takes precedence over pushing through an update.  The team hopes that this major upgrade will see network speed increases. There will also be lower costs and data storage will become more efficient.

Ethereum has also struggled with one issue in particular since early-2017, which is scalability

Numerous solutions are on the table to try to resolve this issue. This upgrade is set for Oct0ber 14, 2018. It could be a major step forward in the right direction.

Talk of Buterin stepping back from the company will not do Ethereum any favors.  Buterin did not provide any specific reasons for this decision. But rest assured — the wider cryptocurrency community will talk about this move for some time.


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