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Blockchain: Walmart Wants to Build a Robot Army

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walmart blockchain

Apparently, Walmart wants to build an army.

All made up on autonomous robots controlled and authenticated through a blockchain network.

In fact, documents filed by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) show that the retailer just applied to patent a system that oversees the “in-field authenticating of autonomous robots.”

Like Something out of a Terminator movie

While it may sound like something Skynet would create, that’s not the retailer’s intention at all. Instead, it wants to build an army of autonomous robots to make deliveries.  All in a potential bid to compete with the likes of

The patent application details a program where multiple robots handle the delivery of packages throughout parts of the supply chain.  To do so, they’ll rely on wireless signals to communicate and authenticate each identity.

“In some embodiments of described above, blockchain technology may be utilized to record authentication signals and identification information to facilitate or resulting from in-field authentication between autonomous electronic devices. One or more of the autonomous electronic devices described herein may comprise a node in a distributed blockchain system storing a copy of the blockchain record.”

Not the First Time Walmart has Applied

Walmart has applied a couple of times for patents that use blockchain technology previously. The first was for a system to manage package delivery hubs.  The other was to track delivery drones that transmit packages from physical stores to customers.

Notably, the platform of robots will be based in blockchain technology because it is much more secure than other systems.



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