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The Blockchain Research Institute Welcomes Cisco and Intuit

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blockchain technology

The Blockchain Research Institute is conducting a study on the impact of blockchain technology on business, government and society.

Already, it’s program features over 70 projects dedicated to exploring, understanding, documenting and informing leaders about blockchain strategies, and market opportunities.  Just recently, it added another five heavyweight companies to its roster.


The company is building an open-source satellite network, which aims to enable a next-generation infrastructure for the blockchain industry.

“You can run a decentralized e-commerce platform, but in the backend, you’re using [Amazon Web Services]. It’s their technology infrastructure[…] After we all start depending on this centralized service, it’s hard to realize true decentralization,” says CEO Zheng Zuo, as quoted by Coin Telegraph.

Procter & Gamble

The company wants to incorporate the technology into its daily business, including proxy voting and more.

This comes after activist hedge fund manager Nelson Peltz presented himself as a winner in the battle he fought for a board seat at P&G. Following a preliminary vote count released on Wednesday, the company refused to accept his victory, claiming that it needed to see a certified result before declaring a winner, as noted by Cryptovest.


With blockchain technology its exploration of DLT for its Quickbooks products, Intuit may gain a stronger foothold in the industry.


ExxonMobil has the most to gain from tools such as blockchain. In fact, the adoption of blockchain technology could bring substantial increases in profits. For example, it could make it easier to answer the challenges of regulators and environmentalists.


Cisco is a household name, especially among IT enthusiasts. The company is known for its products in the computer networking arena, involving both services and hardware. Furthermore, the company expressed a strong interest in the technology.




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