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Blockchain Capital Group Targeting Top Spot in Thailand Ecosystem

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Blockchain Capital Group Thailand

Blockchain Capital Group is establishing a leading position in Thailand’s blockchain and digital exchange ecosystem.

All is it prepares for digital disruptive intermediation, and other tradable assets.

Blockchain Capital Group, a Holding Company 

At the moment, the holding company invests in three businesses including the Bitkub digital exchange, an ICO portal business and digital media Siam Blockchain.

Bitkub for example wants to be a digital exchange that does not limit itself to trading digital currencies.  It also wants an option to trade assets such as land, stocks, gold and diamonds with digital tokens.

“In the next 10 years, I expect to see these investment assets digitised and traded online through blockchain technology.”

The Era of The Blockchain

At the moment, an intermediary such as a bank, brokerage firms, or land agent is used to exchange value.

However, “blockchain technology, or the second era of the internet, can unlock this limitation to allow digitization of value. Diamonds and gold are able to be digitized with blockchain in terms of ‘tokens’ or ‘digital files’,” he said.

In the future, one could trade diamonds, gold, properties, land, and condominium units similar to stock trading.

This could help eliminate the need for any middlemen.

Property developers will use this idea, as well.

For example, a developer could digitize 10 houses, valued at 1 million baht each. The developer could then issue 1,000 digital tokens for investors who want coownership of each house.  The developer could then rent those homes and pass on the rental revenue to the token holders.

It’s similar to a dividend payments from stock investments.



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