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Bitcoin(BTC) rises by 33{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} percent against the USD in April

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Bitcoin has its best month of 2018 raise 33{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} against the US dollar in April. According to CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), the data shows that bitcoins price jumped from $6,926.02 on April 1st, 2018 to $9,244.32, a staggering 33{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} jump from the start of the month. Bitcoin’s has witnessed the greatest price rise in April 2018 after the downfall from almost $19,000 in December 2017    

Bitcoin fell by 33{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} in each of the negative months, from $13,860 on January 1 to $10,266 and even more drastically to $7000 in March and now recovered to the $9,244 mark.

Traders have been very bullish and Bitcoin has jumped by 93{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} in volume month-over-month and transaction volumes through exchanges jumped by 95{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1}. CoinDesk fees seen a similar jump by 90{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} in April according to the data collected.  

Other cryptocurrencies have seen a massive price rise. EOS moves to the 5th position overtaking Litecoin on April 30th, 2018.   

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