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While Bitcoin Struggles, Blockchain Jobs Booming in Asia

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It is no secret that Bitcoin and the altcoins have seen better days.

Many cryptocurrency investors who bought cryptocurrencies suffered eye-watering losses of over 90%.

Bitcoin and blockchain jobs are undergoing a Renaissance lately, especially in Asia

These digital assets and crypto-verse jobs are drawing an ever-increasing group of workers from the more traditional industries across Asia.

This is happening despite the trading function of the digital assets having taken a severe hit to its reputation.

Heavily touted blockchain tech has powered forward in adoption during the past heady two years. Not only startups are accepting it nowadays. Multinational and well-known corporations are also picking it up. Companies like IBM, JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, Hitachi,, and countless others are examples. Public interest in cryptocurrencies peaked in 2017 as the digital assets’ prices catapulted, especially from October through end of December.

Now that the prices have crashed and burned hard, analysts are interested in one thing. Despite the obvious setback, available jobs in the space indicate that it will only get bigger going forward. Robert Walters is a recruitment company in Hong Kong. The firm has experienced a 50 percent boost in numbers of jobs pertaining to cryptocurrencies/blockchain in 2018 throughout Asia.

Anyone who has Python computing language skills is in huge demand across Asia, and in particular in Hong Kong. Companies hiring in the space include traditional technology behemoth IBM and largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world Binance in Malta.

It is not only the firms that are interested in promoting these types of digital universe jobs

Job seekers have shown enormous interest in the industry. Indeed the job search engine’s primary Asian markets of India, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore show huge affinity for blockchain positions.

The biggest problem is a lack of well-qualified individuals for these booming roles. A large number of the employees in the space come from unrelated industries in consequence. Few people interested in available jobs possess the appropriate and necessary skill sets to do the jobs too.


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