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Bitcoin Price Jumps to $9,200 while Crypto Market Cap Hits $420 Billion

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The price of bitcoin has climbed by over $400 in the last 24 hours, getting into the $9,000 region and exceeding $9200. A sudden dip on April 27 sent bitcoin price to the $8,800 mark. But throughout the day bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies saw record gains as the market climbed to $420 billion.

EOS once again up by 15{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1}

EOS has been the best performing Ethereum-based cryptocurrency in 2018 and over the last week, it has seen massive gains against Ethereum, bitcoin, and USD. On April 27 EOS gained 16{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} against bitcoin moving to 0.0020100 BTC or $18.5.

EOS overtook Litecoin to become the fifth largest cryptocurrency in 2018 and since then EOS has doubled in market cap. Litecoin market cap remains at $8.4 billion while EOS has a market cap of above $15 billion.

Cryptocurrency has performed very well since April and investors risk appetite has increased and are allocating funds into more volatile cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies such as OmiseGo, ICON, WanChain, Storm, and Tron have recorded huge gains against bitcoin and USD over last two weeks.

Bitcoin Trend

Bitcoin has been very volatile throughout this week and Mt. Gox trustee unexpected sale may have caused this volatility. On April 26, 17,000 bitcoins moved from Mt. Gox wallet to another wallet address. The bitcoins were likely moved to an exchange where it created a domino effect and bitcoin price fell by more than 10 percent. However, the day trading volume for bitcoin remains low at $7.6 billion.

EOS day trading volume 50{7ac5c3bf57b95c89d20da1c585f68f2fe47644be0187dccece42864a092023b1} more than bitcoin’s volume.

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