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Bitcoin Cash Secures Your Second Passport in the Caribbean

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Many investors dream of a second passport and life down in the sunny and tropical Caribbean.  Some of the islands in the sun welcome investors with money to invest (in the economy) as citizens. Now one of them has begun accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment towards this passport-related investment.

Antigua and Barbuda is a mainly two island nation in the Eastern part of the Caribbean, famous for its 365 unique beaches scattered around the islands. It is more interesting because BCH is now accepted as fiat currency payments for these fees and investments.

New laws make it easier for those who hold a significant amount of Bitcoin Cash to apply for citizenship.

This opportunity is through the CIP Citizenship by Investment Program. It is extremely popular with wealthier Americans and Europeans. The plan allows for investors to plough different sums of money into the country. The exact amount depends on which investment channel the person chooses. Some of the most popular include the national development fund and real estate.

It seems natural that the forward thinking nation opted to permit investment payments in cryptocurrencies. What is surprising is that they chose BCH to be their flagship digital asset for the program. The hope in adopting these cryptocurrencies was in securing a bigger pool of investors. They might want to utilize other forms of payment than simply Euros, East Caribbean dollars, and American dollars.

The benefits of this CIP program are considerable.

Many tax breaks and business opportunities exist for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Besides this, the Antigua passport is accepted in approximately 132 countries. Among these are the United Kingdom, the Shengen Zone of Europe, Hong Kong, and numerous others.

Interestingly enough, the Citizenship by Investment Unit calls BCH the one true version of BTC. They regard it as the most scalable and flexible cryptocurrency offering in the world. Thanks to CoinGeek’s official BCH representative to Antigua Calvin Ayre, this BCH payment processing became a reality in Antigua.

Interested parties can participate in the dual citizenship program by logging on to CoinGeek. They may apply directly from the website. Another option is to attend the London-based Coin Geek Week Conference happening in November.



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