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ByteCoin (BCN) Delisted by Second Exchange, OKEX

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BCN coin

In August 2018, ByteCoin (BCN) showed signs of life.

It ran from $0.0014 to a high of nearly $0.003.  Unfortunately, it’s been all downhill from there.

Moreover, since October 8, 2018, the coin plummeted from $0.0022 to $00141.  Therefore, we’re not likely to see any signs of improvement any time soon.

Binance Delisted the Coin

BCN just didn’t fit the requirements to list on Binance any longer.

However, ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG) were all cut loose by the exchange, too.

Furthermore, according to Binance, “In order to protect our users, the Binance team conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews of each digital asset listed on our platform to ensure projects maintain a high standard of quality. Additionally, in the event a coin or token falls below this quality standard, it will be subject to further review and potentially delisted.”

Moreover, the platform is looking for a commitment of a team to a project. Quality of development activity, network stability, and evidence of potential fraud are important factors.  Additionally, Binance considers the responsiveness, and contributions to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Down goes BCN

However, just when the company thought the worst was over, OKEX delisted it, too.

OKEX said, “Our regular monitoring of Bytecoin found that the project has been exposed to a critical technical issue that has been left unhandled. To protect the interests of our users, OKEx will delist all BCN trading pairs at 19:00 Oct 12, 2018 (HKT). All depositing and trading services of BCN will be terminated after the date.Users should cancel their BCN orders from our platform. If your order is not canceled in time, the order will be canceled by the system and your asset will be credited to your trading account.”

Furthermore, BCN investors have until November 1, 2018 to withdraw their coins.  After that date, OKEX will no longer support the currency.



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