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44 Terahash E-11 New Mining Rigs Announced by Ebang

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Ebang Communication is one of the largest manufacturers of ASIC mining chips in China.

Three New Mining Rigs by Ebang

Ebang proposes to launch three new bitcoin mining rigs for its latest Ebit Miner E-11 series. Morover, the company claims that these devices are capable of hashrate speeds of between 30-44 trillion hashes per second (TH/s).

Lightning Fast Miners

Currently BTC miners have a multitude of mining rigs to choose from. A variety of new mining machines will enter the market soon.

Ebang Communication said that it will launch three new ASIC mining devices for SHA-256 compatible coins. The next-gen Ebit E-11 series models will use 10nm semiconductor technology and boast efficiencies of up to 44J/TH. The company stated that the E-11 series miners sales will be “forthcoming.”

The company’s advertisement on the Chinese service Wechat highlights the three models.  The ad indicates that the new Ebit miners will include the E11 (30TH/s), E11+ (37TH/s), and the powerful E11++ (44TH/s).

Additionally, Bitmain Technologies recently announced plans to launch a next-gen ASIC BM1391 7nm Finfet chip design.

Ebang claims that its E11++ will outperform Bitmain’s new Antminers by a mere 2J/TH as per specs. Furthermore, the Ebang Ebit E11 and the Bitmain Antminer BM1391 will be the most powerful bitcoin mining devices ever released.

The Competition

Because of the cost of the mining units that will be manufactured this year, they will likely compete with lower tier models. The latter are still powerful by market standards with a speed of up to 33TH/s.

Consider, for example, the GMOs B3 (33TH/s), Innosilicon’s T2-Turbo (24TH/s), Whatsminer M10 (33TH/s), and Canaan’s Avalon 9 (30TH/s).

Furthermore, these miners, including the newer models will repu on 10-7nm semiconductors.

We can also assume that more powerful mining machines are in the making.


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